Great Solutions
for Small Brands

Talented helps small businesses with just about anything you can name. We cover bases like recruitment, social media, web design, and small business financing so you get a breather from managing your own business.


Social Media Management

"We create effective content so you get effective social media branding."

As a small business owner, it can be hard to keep your social media channels updated. Talented can run your social media accounts by brainstorming relevant content and posting them on an optimized schedule. We create templates that ensure the posts match your brand values and respond to messages directed to your accounts in your brand’s voice.

HR & Talent Pipeline

“We connect you with the best talent before they hit the job market.”

Businesses struggle to hire the right people. We partner with over 15 universities to find interns and junior-level employees with potential that we train in our workplace excellence program. When they’re ready for the next step, we connect them with brands like yours and you get the first pick of the best young talent.

Web Design & E-Commerce

"We build reliable e-commerce solutions so you can sell globally."

Running a successful e-commerce site is hard. We have an extensive history of creating sites for small businesses across Asia. We build custom solutions for you, no matter how big or small. Whether you want your own domain name, to showcase your product photography, improve your SEO, or accept localized payment methods, we’re here to help.

Government Liaison & Grant Support

"We get you the technical and financial support you need."

As a small business owner, you should know that businesses in Hong Kong can receive up to HK$600,000 of government funding to improve their business processes using technology per the Technology Voucher Programme. Talented has a track record of delivering quotations with the best value for your money and the most benefits to your business processes.